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October, 2008 Archives

Photo Shoot – Solitude

October 15th, 2008 Permalink

We worked with Sarah last weekend, a terrific model. Below we have one of the first images we created from the shoot. Our aim was to create an image that would capture a feeling of solitude, or aloneness. I’m happy with the final result. How about you? More images of our lovely Sarah will be forthcoming…

P.S. I love film grain. Can you tell?

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Shot of Solitude - Utah Based Commercial Photographer

Ron Adair is a Utah based Commercial Advertising Photographer.

Bodacious Brent

October 3rd, 2008 Permalink

Here lies Brent the Great. Brent is a photographer in Eagle Mountain, and was kind enough to stand in as a model after our real model flaked on us. Sheesh, I’ll tell you…there’s one way to NOT get called back, and that’s to waste 2 weeks of planning by not showing up when it’s time to actually be the warm body in the seat.

Anyway, we made do, and did the best we could with Brent. I was actually quite surprised at how photogenic this guy is. I think Southwest Airlines should buy this photo and publish it as an ad in Forbes Magazine with the headline “Destination Flights to Make You Happy”. But maybe that’s just me.

One more thing: don’t be surprised if another shot follows shortly that looks surprisingly similar to this one.

***Click on Brent’s image to view larger

Utah Based Advertising Photographer

Ron Adair is a Utah based Commercial Advertising Photographer.