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MacBook Pro Crashing OS X Leopard

I’ve had really bad luck with my last three Macbook Pros. Not too inspiring.


Satirically from the image:

Dear Microsoft,

Being an avid professional Mac user for many years, I’m surprised today to come to the sudden realization that you certainly must be co-designer of the OS X Kernel, and the Apple MacBook Pro. I can think of no other possibility, as this is the third time today that my computer has frozen with that impressive grey screen that tells me I’m more hosed than an ice cube on the surface of the sun. This has been happening for months, nay, years now, and I’m quite fed up with it. I bought an Apple Computer to be rid of the problems that plague the “PC”. Please return to making windows suck, and stop secretly affecting my Apple Macintosh system.

Apple, if you’re listening, this isn’t nice!


Ron Adair

I’m so happy that Microsoft has made such stunning advancements in recent years. Like today for instance, when I turned on my virtual instance of Windows running in Parallels on my Apple MacBook Pro, and it conveniently informed me (through a series of beeping sounds and pop-up notifications) that it had found new hardware. In fact, it was so helpful, you see, because I realize immediately that my recent strenuous efforts to install a power cord onto the side of my laptop computer were successful, and I needn’t fear any longer the dreaded ‘power cord re-install’.

How lucky for me.

Windows is so smart, it's sexy

What would I do without all of these helpful little notifications every time I move my mouse in Windows?

Safari blows

June 8th, 2009 Permalink

UPDATE: Lately I’ve been surfing the great world wide web with nary a flash flash plugin installed on my machine. I am now convinced my problems in the post below were largely or completely stemming from a lame Flash plugin. Go figure. Thanks for changing this for all of us, Steve.

I’ve had tons of issues with Safari, both version 3, and version 4 beta. I now have version 4 (final release), and I’m praying it’s better. I used to crash at least once or twice a day, often more. But please, Apple, in the meantime, give back the tabs on top. I like screen real estate, and you just took an extra 25 pixels off of my shortest side.

Now if I could just find a hidden pref I can hit via terminal…

Safari Tabs on Bottom SUCK!  Bring them back to the top!!!