Nikon D800 Images Leaked

November 20th, 2011 Permalink

UPDATE: The “Fake Or Real?” challenge is LIVE! Check it out HERE, and see if you have what it takes to win!!!

NikonRumors just posted a set of leaked images for the upcoming D800. The body style is quite a departure from Nikon’s current DSLR prosumer shape, so I was thrown off when I first saw the new camera design. I was under the impression, upon seeing the images, that the camera was closer to the size of the Dx000 lineup (such as the D5100 or D7000), which was a huge disappointment. Not only are those bodies lesser build quality, but they are also uncomfortable for me in most shooting situations. The D700 feels great in the hands, and really screams “build quality” when you hold it.

So, I decided to find a comparison image between the D700 and the leaked D800 images so I could see just where Nikon cut corners on the new, smaller body.

To my surprise, they are essentially identical in size! I was shocked to realize that my impression of a more diminutive body design was, in reality, caused by the more rounded lines on the top area around the prism housing compared to the older, more boxy D700. I resized each image so the hot shoes were the same size, and voila — they’re pretty much a match in girth. Take a look for yourself:


Bring it on, Nikon!!!

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