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We’re Moving!

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Well, it’s official. We’re moving to Utah, and it’s going to happen FAST! We’ve been talking for a while now, and we have decided it’s time to take the plunge and try Salt Lake/Provo on for size. We’ll miss the sunny beaches and friendly ward here in Santa Barbara, and we’ll definitely miss the great weather, especially in the dead of winter or stroke of summer. But alas, there’s too much calling us home to our native state, so we must go.

Keep your eyes tuned here for any updates, progress reports, and summaries as we make the transition, as well as any new opportunities we encounter. You can also check out my commercial advertising photography portfolio to see any updates that I make to my current body of work. If you know someone who you think would benefit from my style of advertising photography or my skills with web design and development, please drop me a line over at my online résumé.

Wish me luck as I venture out to become a prominent Salt Lake City Advertising Photographer.

American Riviera Bank of Santa Barbara

I have been talking with Michael Salsbury over at American Riviera Bank during the last few weeks, and I just had to share my experience. Not only is Michael one of the most open, friendly people I’ve met, he’s also leading his bank in a very good direction. His first and currently sole branch is located in Santa Barbara, right on the corner of Anacapa and Figueroa. I was impressed by his ad which he’s been placing in the Santa Barbara Magazine, and decided to pay him a visit to let him know about my business offering Santa Barbara Advertising Photography. We spoke for about an hour in his office a Friday ago, and I was amazed at how open and cordial he was.

As we talked, it was clear that the marketing direction which the bank was being taken is definitely the right one. The bank has been highly successful even in it’s first year, and Michael – the President and CEO – showed no hint of fatigue. Upon inquiry, he told me that he was working with Ideocore, another great business in the Santa Barbara area, and the ad agency responsible for the bank’s marketing direction over the course of it’s launch and first year in business.

Just as impressive as the bank’s marketing direction is the building and business itself. When you walk up to the door, you’re met by one of the finest entrances in all of Santa Barbara. Once inside, it’s hard not to gawk. The building’s interior is adorned with a cherry wood face, warm lighting, and a very open and comfortable arrangement of elements. It easily approaches how you might like your living room to feel. But best of all is the friendly greeting you receive from the bank employees you see when you enter. In fact, it’s unlikely that you’ll walk in without being welcomed by someone immediately. The kind of service that the folks at ARB are working hard to provide is invaluable both to their clients as well as to the community at large. Surely those that frequent the bank are influenced by the swift, friendly and professional approach that the team there works hard to provide.

If you have a chance to visit them, I encourage you to do so. That’s one place you won’t be sorry for taking the time to see.

I just finished my initial post processing on the images I created for BodyFit out of Salt Lake City. I worked with Russ Dixon, my good friend and colleague, and we had a great time. BodyFit Wellness was founded by Matt Neve, and he was a pure joy to work with. We had a lot of fun, and even though we ran ourselves ragged, there were plenty of laughs. Russ and I both felt that the extra work paid off, and we’re very pleased with our final set of images.

Speaking of images, we clocked in at about 20,000 images for those guys over at BodyFit, and I personally shot just over 10,000. In the end, I had the images narrowed down to about 1,300 finals, and that was nothing short of hell trying to get as close to 1k as possible. Here are a few of the many many images we captured, and there will be more on the way from the other sets I’ve recently finished. I’d love to hear your thoughts!







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